About Nyx Clips

Nyx Clips is about producing all kinds of videos and always aim for the best result possible.

The Purpose

I believe that the purpose of video making is to create feelings and emotions to the viewer and that a more artistic approach is what makes the difference.

Key Features

Visual effects, sound production, photography, video shooting and video editing are some of the key features of my work.

Let’s talk… 

So, check out my portfolio and feel free to contact me for any proposal, question, suggestion or just to say hi!


M o s t  r e c e n t  p r o j e c t s :

"Nikolaos was very flexible and eager to take on new challenges and improve his working techniques in After Effects and video editing in general. His creativity and imagination were always his strong points. He made an immediate and positive impression on me."

− Christos ARAZOS - Senior Video Editor/Producer @ Express Publishing

"I have been consistently impressed with Nikolaos' skills and work ethic. His motivation, creativity, attitude, productivity and devotion to work were always exemplary. He possesses excellent communication skills crucial to working as part of a team."

− James SCULLION - Editing Department @ Express Publishing

"Nikos is creative, takes the initiative, proposes a lot of improvements, respects the deadlines and is not satisfied until the result is what he (and his customer of course) truly wants. Very pleasant to work with."

− Vasiliki BOUKOUVALA - Digital Marketing Coordinator @ DigiMa AUEB